**Please read through the entire pattern before beginning your coaster!**   


4.0 mm (G) hook

Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn      

Tapestry/Yarn Needle


Tape Measure            

Skill Level: 

Advanced Beginner 


Gauge:  Not important.   


CH - chain                                            BLO/FLO - back loop only/front loop only 

SC - single crochet                             MR - magic ring  

HDC - half double crochet                INV JOIN - invisible join (see notes) 

DC - double crochet                           SLST - slip stitch  

TC - treble crochet                              * * - repeat  

DCINC - double crochet increase    ( ) - work STS within parentheses in same ST 

Pattern Notes: 

· I used worsted weight (#4) cotton yarn and a 4.0 mm (G) hook for all examples of this pattern. Examples were made using I Love This Cotton, Knit Picks Dishie, and Lily Sugar & Cream. Please remember that not all worsted weight yarns are created equally. Please make sure to stop and measure when indicated in the pattern!  

· You can use acrylic yarn, but I find cotton to be more absorbent and it doesn’t run the risk of melting like acrylic. At the end of the day - do what makes you happy! 

· Yarning over vs yarning under: Yarning over gives more drape and flexibility in your work. Yarning under creates a tighter, more rigid result (perfect for things like amigurumi). I yarned over while making my coasters. If you yarn under, the result may be a little smaller. Again, please make sure to measure when indicated in the pattern. 

· You will join each round. I join with an invisible join whenever I can:  

      Complete the last stitch of the round and remove your hook.  

      Insert your hook from the back to the front of the 1st stitch of the round.  

      Pick up the loop you dropped and pull it through the 1st stitch.  

      Chain as directed in the pattern. 

· Beginning chain(s) do not count as a stitch. 

· The petal pattern repeat is over 4 stitches. If you want to adjust the size of your coaster, make sure the stitch count of the final round of the center is divisible by 4. For example, I find Lily Sugar and Cream to be a little thicker than the other yarns I used, so I began with 10 DC in my magic ring and ended round 4 with 40 DC.   

Special Stitches: 

Picot: CH 2, SLST in TC just made.    

  Let’s make our Sunflower Coasters! 


With 4.0 mm hook and brown yarn:   

Round 1: 12 DC in MR, join to first DC 

Round 2: CH 1, *DCINC* around, join to first DC. 

Round 3: CH 1, *DC, DCINC* around, join to first DC. 

Round 4: CH 1, *DC, DC, DCINC* around, join to first DC.   

STOP HERE! Measure the diameter of your circle. It should be approximately 3.5”. Adjust if desired/necessary.   

Change to yellow yarn:   

Round 5: Working in FLO, CH 1, *SC, (HDC, DC), (TC, TC, PICOT, TC), (DC, HDC)* around, INV JOIN to first SC. (do not CH). 

Round 6: Working in the BLO of Round 4 SLST, CH 2, *(TC, TC, PICOT, TC), (DC, HDC), SC, (HDC, DC)* around, join to first TC.   

Fasten off. Weave in all ends. Enjoy!    


CH 2

Finished PICOT:

Round 6:

SLST in the back loop directly behind the join.

CH 2

First petal of round 6: (TC, TC, PICOT, TC), (DC, HDC), SC.

This will offset your petals.  =)